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PMA Donates £10k to Bowel Cancer UK

PMA Donates to Bowel Cancer UK

Luke Squires, Director of Fundraising at Bowel Cancer UK, says: “We are very grateful to PMA for their generous donation. Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer, but because of the support of amazing organisations like PMA we can continue to save lives and improve the quality of life of everyone affected by bowel cancer.”

Jonathan Stockham, Head of Estates at Specsavers and President of the Property Managers Association, says: “When we heard at the beginning of 2018 that one of our former members, Patrick Wymer, was diagnosed with bowel cancer we had no hesitation in choosing to support Bowel Cancer UK as our charity partner for the year. Patrick’s courage, as exemplified when he spoke to a hushed audience at our Christmas lunch in December, inspired us to raise £10,000 which we are delighted to donate to the charity today.”

PMA Newsletter 2018

PMA Newsletter 2018
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PMA Appointed Charity 2018

The PMA have appointed Bowel Cancer UK as its charity for the year and will be raising funds for them at the annual Christmas lunch.

Patrick Wymer, a former PMA member, retired at the end of January 2018 due to ill health from bowel cancer. Please support Patrick’s forthcoming walk, where Patrick, former work colleagues and friends are aiming to raise £25,000 for Bowel Cancer UK (now merged with Beating Bowel Cancer) and Velindre Cancer Centre. Starting on May 3rd 2018 they will walk 60 miles in 3 days along the Pembrokeshire Coast.

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month 2018

Early diagnosis really does save lives, that’s why this April @Bowel_Cancer_UK and #bowelcancer are raising awareness of bowel cancer symptoms. And you can help spread the word too, find out how: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month.

Press release - PMA and Bowel Cancer Awareness

Service Charge Code: Consultation update


Link to the new version of the RICS Code of Practice for Service Charges in Commercial Property.

The document will become a Professional Statement that requires certain items to be Mandatory, and in my opinion (and those of many of those active within Service Charges), the current version does not go far enough in not being very specific in what should be Mandatory and what remains advisory as “best practice” and therefore fails to deliver the step change that could result in improved standards of accounting and accountability.

Specifically there needs to be dates with reference to the issuance of budgets, one month prior to start of relevant period previously accepted as best practice is now shown as “will be issued annually”, similarly the reconciliations – 4 months after close of period was previously accepted best practice has the same “will be issued annually” BOTH of which are a step back and most agents will do the barest minimum to be able to claim Code Compliance.

The need for an Apportionment Schedule to be provided needs to be expanded (it was and then watered back down) so that needs reinstating to show full working as to how the actual apportionment has been calculated.

Marketing needs to revert back to Mandatory 50/50 – the new version has it as a “shared expense” – a Landlord putting in 10% is not sharing adequately but would be Code compliant so the 50/50 needs to be mandatory.

The regulatory board of the RICS is largely responsible for these as they claim that these requirements are too difficult to regulate for? Just because it is going to be difficult should not mean we as an Industry should shy away from a step change that will undoubtedly drive standards and reduce disputes. Given a valid defence is “the lease doesn’t say I have to” against all of these I cannot see what the problem is personally.

Could everyone who gets this email PLEASE sign on and complete the consultation WITH full and frank comments around the lack of detail to the Mandatory items leaving them next to useless – IF enough of you complete the consultation piece, AND comment in similar fashion, then the Working Party will have to sit up and take notice AND amend the document prior to its issue.

IF we cannot get the document amended, and insist that the Mandatory items are sufficiently robust as to deliver some improvement of standards I can see no point in the issuance of the document at all, and will be recommending to the Executive Committee of the PMA to withhold its endorsement of the finished article thereby removing its Industry status.

Thanks for your time, now PLEASE do the consultation – you have 6 short weeks but do it now to make sure it is done.

IF you need any assistance / help feel free to get in touch directly.

Kind Regards
John Gray
John Gray Service Charges Ltd

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